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New Scientific Breakthrough – A Combination of Both Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy

Hanby PetroAnalysis       

Hanby PetroAnalysis has developed a new method for fingerprinting hydrocarbons including crude oils; Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectrophotometry (CRS).  The new Hydrocarbon ID is a field device that utilizes a chemical reaction and a spectrometer to get a spectral curve or fingerprint of the hydrocarbon for both qualitative and quantitative analysis.  This new technology puts a “Lab in the Field” and represents a “Paradigm Shift” in the Oil Industries Exploration and Production.  Hanby’s CRS has been called “Disruptive Technology” and has been referred to as “The Holy Grail” for Oil and Gas.  and     Phone:  713-468-3898

Aromatics – Qualitative

Fingerprint Identification – By Spectral Curve

Aromatics – Quantitative

Concentration – By Area Under Curve

Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectrophotometry
Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectrophotometry

Hanby PetroAnalysis' Hydrocabon ID performing Hanby Chemical Reaction Spectrophotmerty (CRS).

Hanby HydroCarbon ID Results
Hanby HydroCarbon ID Results

Contact us at or by calling the Laboratory at 713-468-3898

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